Ghostdog Has Morphed


Lead designer and founder Neil Murphy is now creating fine art, design, and infographics using both traditional fine art and digital techniques. Please contact him through

Creative Design & Infographics Through Fine Art

Ghostdog continues to serve our existing internet clients. We are taking on unique design projects that use to advantage the mix of graphic/information design and fine art techniques. We are not seeking new web design/development clients at this time. Please see 'Ghostdog Has Morphed' in the sidebar.


Brochure Site Design:

CREDO website redesign by Ghostdog

Simple, sleek, creative and contemporary... the design goals expressed by Rubicon Technology Partners.

Small Business Design:
Property Management


Prodesse Property Mgmt... a move away from the boring corporate look of other property manage-ment sites

Brochure Site Design:
Educational Research

CREDO website redesign by Ghostdog

Looking beyond stereotype classroom images... Credo's site reflects their 'government policy meets the classroon' mission.




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