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3dfx's Voodoo was the most powerful graphics accelerator of its day. Voodoo gave Lara Croft more bounce, made Myst more memorable, and Riven seem driven. As 3dfx liked to put it, Voodoo was "so powerful it's kind of ridiculous."

With a drop-dead Comdex launch date, Ghostdog undertook a complete re-architecture and redesign of We created an edgy tonality that was striking and appealing to 3dfx's corporate users, press, investors, and analysts. The animated teaser below, updated daily, edged in on the Comdex launch date.

"Every experience more intense"
To complement the accelerator's launch, 3dfx wanted to transform it's corporate site into a total online experience that captured the essence of both product and company. A page from the store is at the right.

Move it
Ghostdog also developed a Flash teaser for Voodoo that expressed the accelerator's high-end capabilities through a fast-paced, eye-catching blend of tech specs, images, and sound effects.

Tease 'em along
Ok, we love to tease. For the Comdex launch we designed a countdown timer that teased Voodoo's introduction. The green plasma bars moved inward as the date approached. Updated copy appeared daily adjacent to the animated graphic.


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