bark for your byte


eZine, Illustration & Infographics

At Oracle, a major new component of their Employee Communications strategy is the real-time delivery of information via an easily accessible online magazine called "In the Know" (ITK). From inception, Ghostdog acted as an active partner on the ITK team in order to provide design support and help develop the employee engagement strategy.


"News" That's Really New
ITK blends attractive design elements and photography with key stories written specifically for employees. The articles avoid the marketing spin typical of corporate messaging– messaging usually intended for an external audience.

Variety's the Spice
Topics covered by ITK articles include recaps of events (OracleWorld), executive briefings (Executive Chats), new product info (Oracle's 10g) and human interest stories relevant to employees. Ghostdog developed supporting graphics for each of these components, and upped the "bark for your byte" quotient by both creating new logos and animating existing logos and graphics.

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