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The Legacy of Sun Microsystems/Javasoft

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Java was a bright spot in the story of creativity on the Internet and was Sun Microsystems' most vital software brand. Its steaming-cup-o-joe brand mark is still recognized by digerati the world over.

Ghostdog was in Sun's orbit for some time, helping bring some of Java's brand expression online. Our projects included designing the Java Community Process site for Java developers and creating the Java Platform Timeline that was a show-and-tell of the Java story

We did the creative design for Dot-Com Builder, which was Sun's home away from home for web site architects and system designers. We designed the Dot-com Builder logo and provided infographics for the Web Guides that counted themselves among the resources for hands-on web developers.

In addition, we teamed with JavaSoft to conceptualize and create the What's Java section of site.


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