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Credo at Stanford - Ghostdog Redesign

The CREDO mission:  Rigorous Research to Improve Public Education.
Located on the Stanford University campus since 2000, CREDO has become a leading independent voice in the discussion centered on improving education in America.  Their website, however, did not reflect their leading role, and it was difficult to find the valuable reports and information sought by users.

The recent website design fixed this!
Navigation:  The site was reorganized and redesigned so that key information was accessible from the homepage.  Inside pages were cleaned up and made easy to scan. Contact information was elevated as well.

No 'students at desks' imagery please
Design:  Credo wanted imagery to refresh their brand look – without using images from a stock photo library.  Ghostdog was able to create a custom look that blends the halls of education with the halls of public policy makers through a collage of original, but not expensive photography, stock images and design retouch magic.

The final look is both representative of the CREDO mission and a modern, up-to-date organization working at the pulse point of its industry. >

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